Basic Package TV

Basic Package TV


Enjoy more than 100 channels in any device with Internet connection


Currently we have a complete list of channels that includes:

- All Spanish DTT

- All English DTT

-All French DTT

- Latin themed channels (races, novels, documentaries, cinema, etc. )

- Sports channels (Eurosport, Sports1, Bullfighting, Hunting and Fishing... )

- News channels and documentaries (Euronews, Discovery Channel... )

- Movie Channels (Cosmos, Azcinema, Film4... )

- Educational channels (Learn English... )

- Thematic musical channels.

- Channels from other countries (Romania, Germany, etc).

- Channels for adults (8 channels)



- Any other channel that we consider interesting will be added to the list of available.

- The channels may vary according to commercial agreements with the different distributors, therefore the TV package is not closed.





Link for IPTV app:

Andalucía Lidera



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