Calls packages

In case you make a large amount of calls (mobile and landline phones mostly) you can subscribe one of the following calls packages and get a great saving:


Pack Details Monthly rate

A combination up to:

500 minutes to Spanish landline phones

300 minutes to Spanish mobile phones

250 minutes to landline phones from United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, USA and Germany

100 minutes to mobile phones from United Kingdom, France (check list of companies)

100 minutes to mobile phones from Netherlands, Germany (check list of companies).

4,72 €
Doble BONO TOTAL Twice the amount of minutes from the previous package to the same destinations 9,43 €
BONO 100 MOVILES 100 minutes to Spanish mobile phones 3,51 €
BONO 500 MOVILES 500 minutes to Spanish mobile phones 11,98 €
BONO 1000 FIJOS 1000 minutos to Spanish landline phones 10,40 €


Explanation of bono total: It works as a cash box with 500 tokens. Every minute spent by a landline call costs 1 token. Every minute spent by a mobile phone costs 1,6 tokens and so on. When the 500 tokens are exhausted, the package is over and regular fares apply.

You can subscribe, modify or cancel any package one a month. When the tokens are over, the remaining calls till the month end will be billed according the published fares.



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