Optical Fiber
  Broadband Internet connection through optical fiber
 Currently our optical fiber network is only available on these village:
 An initial installation at home is requiered in order to get our service.It has a cost of 50€
 Main features:
 * No long-term agreement
 * No landline required
 * Unlimited download with no schedule restrictions.
 * Symmetrical bandwitdh: same download and upload speed
 * Lowest latencies allowing a superb experience on online gaming or teleworking (our network: 15 ms, any regular ADSL provider: 80-100 ms)


10 Mega


30 Mega


100 Mega


500 Mega








- NO LONG-TERM AGREEMENT ON OUR PLANS. (You can increase or decrease subscribed speed at any time once per month).

- Indicated speed should be taken as maximum speed. We do our best to provide your plan's max speedas long as possible. You might not reach that speed on peak points of our network's usage.

- EQUIPMENT RENTAL: rental cost of the optical fiber terminal will be 1€ per month.


You can benefit GREAT DISCOUNTS adding a mobile line with unlimited calls to your optical fiber plan. Check "Combined Packs" tab for more info.

We have available certain proffesional services as FIXED IP ADDRESS. You can make an enquiry with your needs.


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